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Burnaby Family Life

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Burnaby Family Life is a local charity which 4 Pillars Burnaby chooses to sponsor .

This charity has been operating since 1971 providing quality social services for the Burnaby Community. It`s mission is to is to deliver high quality services that meet the current and emerging needs of individuals, families and the community in all its diversity. Many new families would have failed to settle successfully in Burnaby if it were not for this charity and I would encourage you to visit it`s website and make a donation.  LEARN MORE

I present to this charity on financial topics such as budgeting and debt management to help Burnaby residents manage their money effectively and avoid crippling debt.

If you are a hockey fan you may wish to attend the Montreal Canadiens Alumni charity game to be held at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre in Burnaby on February 9, 2019

Details may be found below:CLICKE HERE