4 Pillars Story

PresidentReg Rocha

The partners created 4 Pillars in 2002, to introduce our expertise to a consumer group that truly needed it: the increasing number of Canadians wrestling with dangerous levels of personal debt that are fearful and intimidated by navigating the process alone.   Our role is helping those who need additional support, compassion, and sound practical advice during one of the most stressful times they will ever experience, and at a time when emotion can easily take over decision making.

The debt industry and the role everyone plays is very confusing for a consumer, and we wanted to change that… by providing the consumer with an option to meet someone face to face and have all their options explained to them in a language they would easily understand. 

With the majority of companies in the debt industry conflicted by their role that regulation and legislation places on them, and how they are paid and funded, we wanted to give the consumer that was intimidated by the process… more choice and to create a trusted source for the debtors to have their own advocate.

4 Pillars sole mandate is to represent the interests of the debtors and to provide the guidance many need to find the courage to deal with debt, and to ask the tough questions they are afraid to ask, and ensure they receive the ongoing education, and financial rehabilitation programs to remain debt free.

4 Pillars gives hope to those that feel there is no hope, and the confidence in a financial system they feel has abandoned them when they need it most. 

Seeing the drive and determination our clients have to change their lives, and to create a financially stable future for their families is inspirational, and constantly reminds us why we are in business.  It pushes us to do more and to help them through the services we offer, …by constantly listening to the needs of the debtor we can push for change in an antiquated industry currently better suited to the needs of the creditors. 

Money is responsible for our attitudes, our confidence, and our relationships with family and friends. Money has a greater hold over all of us than we would ever care to admit, and understanding this truly helps us to know what it means to face financial challenges, and most importantly what it takes to resolve them. 

A first insolvency is very hard to deal with, but you can recover from it, a second insolvency is financially and emotionally devastating.  By adding greater choice for the consumer and providing them with the comprehensive ongoing education, and financial rehabilitation programs they desperately need… we will help evolve the debt industry to truly give the ‘debtor’ the fresh start they are promised. 

by Reg Rocha, President
4 Pillars Consulting Group Inc.