Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Mental Health Department

I am proud to support the mental health department in Burnaby Hospital.

Their role is critical when so many in society are stressed and anxious due to modern day financial, family and career pressures. My debt consulting practice is inextricably linked as debt is one of the major causes of mental health problems and mental health problems are one of the major causes of debt. 

Recent studies indicate that 1 in 3 people in debt also have mental health issues which then cause employment, family and relationship challenges.

Mental health, like debt is often not openly discussed or acknowledged today thus causing a feeling of isolation for those suffering and a lack of awareness of the available support. I therefore hope you will support me in increasing the awareness of this illness by sharing my social media posts and sponsoring my future fund raising events.

Mental health and debt are very real and widespread today and should no longer be treated as taboo subjects by society.