“New research indicates that two in five Canadians do not expect to ever escape debt in their lifetime – 40% of those surveyed expect to always have debt. Also, 67% of Canadians who are in debt assume everyone else is as well. Once again, we see that most Canadians are, have been or will be in debt.

It’s astounding that almost half of Canadians expect to have “forever” debt. This factor alone is going to have major implications as our population moves through their life stages. The CDA will play an equally major role in the lives of Debtors by helping to create a better debtor journey. The influence, impact and need for CDA gets bigger and more important with each passing day.”

Read the full article here : https://www.ipsos.com/en-ca/news-polls/Defeated-by-Debt-Most-Canadians-Who-Are-in-Debt-Assume-Everyone-Else-is-as-well