Retiree Finds Relief working with 4 Pillars

“I attended the Burnaby 4 Pillars office after hearing about their company on social media.

I personally did not want to consider bankruptcy as an option and knew it could completely destroy my credit for the rest of my life.   I really wanted to responsibly pay all my debtors as much as I could afford and immediately start rebuilding my credit rating score. 

My credit card debt had reached $63,000 and I realized I could not pay it all back in my lifetime. Creditors & debt collectors were phoning day and night, filling my voicemail with dozens of unpleasant messages which made me feel sick to my stomach.  I felt worthless and like I was a criminal.  I began loosing sleep, was continually stressed out and saw absolutely no future or happiness.  

Jeff Sheldon

I believed I was close to facing the worst possible scenario: starving to death, being broke, and having  nowhere to live.

The interest rates and charges was causing my debt to rise exponentially.  

I had never thought or sought out to visit any companies that were offering “debt solutions, advice, and consolidation programs.

When I arrived at 4 Pillars office (Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam), I was made to feel respectable and the staff immediately put me at ease from the moment I walked in their front door.  I felt it would be impossible for any company to do that but the team at 4 Pillars made me feel better, more confident and relaxed as they listened to my story.

4 Pillars was totally up front with me regarding all their costs and services.   I was constantly reassured 4 Pillars had a reasonable payment plan which I could easily afford! 

I am currently retired and residing in Coquitlam and feeling 100% better after utilizing their professional services and very personal help.    All my questions regarding all aspects of debt were answered in a polite and concise manner.

Thank you.”  – Client from Coquitlam,BC

Thank you to photographers:  Sammy Vasquez and Jeff Sheldon

Two Great Stories working with Our Friends at WFG


“4Pillars has helped WFG associates reach out to people who really are in bad financial situation.   True to our mission of no family left behind, we are able to help people get out of their debt and at the same time help them get back up to a better financial future.   After 4Pillars help clients reduce their debt, WFG associates would teach and guide clients how to manage their money making sure that they will never go back to the same financial problem again.    With the partnership of 4Pillars and WFG, associates are able to, not only help clients get out of their debt but most importantly, give clients the business opportunity to make money.   This is the best way to change people’s lives and make a difference to the community.

A couple that was introduced to me had a total credit card debt of about $60K.   They were paying the minimum of $1,500 a month for this credit card debt that charges 19%.   Their combined income is $50k so they cannot make extra payment to reduce the principal loan. Cash flow was very tight as there are no other source of income.

4Pillars helped them reduce their debt to $20K and reduce their payment from $1,500 to $350/month.   With the freed up cash, clients were able to buy a life insurance and critical illness as they have no protection at all. They also started saving and investing in their TFSA to have emergency fund. Now they have peace of mind and stress free.   By the way, the wife also signed up as business partner because she wants to also help other people who are in the same situation as they were before.”        – Rechiel Julian